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December 2008

         USY International Convention

November 2008

         USY Fall Regional Convention

October 2008

         USY Sukkah Making

September 2008

         Making the New STUSY Banner

         USY Honey Sales

August 2008

         Busch Gardens

February 2008

         World Wide Wrap

March 2007

         Purim (USY Carnival)

February 2007

         USY Hoagie Sale

April 2006

         Shabbat Shira Party

February 2006

     2006 Baffle Bowl    Baffle Bowl

     2006 USY Ski Trip    USY Ski Trip

     2006 World Wide Wrap    World Wide Wrap

January 2006

      Blue Yarmulke Man of the Year Dinner   Blue Yarmulke Man of the Year Dinner

December 2005

      2005 Hanukkah Party   Hanukkah Crafts & Dinner

October 2005

      2005 Sukkot Party   Sukkot Party

March 2005

      2005 Purim Project   Purim Project (sponsored by the Mens Club)

          2005 Purim Celebration   Purim Celebration

February 2005

           2005 Baffle Bowl Spaghetti Dinner   Spaghetti Dinner and Baffle Bowl
           2005 USY Skiing   USY Skiing
          2005 USY Hoagie Sale   USY Hoagie Sale
           2005 World Wide Wrap   Men's Club World Wide Wrap

December 2004

           2004 Hanukkah Dinner   Hanukkah Dinner

November 2004

           2004 Bowling Banquet   Bowling Banquet

 October 2004

           2004 Sukkot Dinner   Sukkot Progressive Dinner

March 2004

Purim 2004   Purim (with Purim Carnival)

Matzah Factory   Matzah Factory

October 2003

Sukkot 2003   Sukkah Building

Farm Animals   Farm Animals at the School

March 2003

Purim 2003   Purim (including Carnival)

January 2003

Tu B'Shevat Seder 2003   Tu B'Shevat Seder

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